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At Smorgasburg LA, Broad Street Oyster Co. aims to bring the freshest local seafood to the masses with simplicity and a reverence for tradition. Think pop-up dockside clam shack. Lobster rolls, live Santa Barbara spot prawns, Dungeness crab fat toast and freshly cracked sea urchin are all available with minimal interference to the natural flavor of the sea. The ocean’s bounty at your service.


Connecticut style

Connecticut style. A simple but decadent roll made with fresh lobster knuckles and claws warmed in drawn butter and seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, lemon, and chives. Served on a butter toasted brioche bun.

The Classic Maine.jpg

The Classic Maine

The classic Maine style roll made with fresh lobster knuckles and claws, lightly coated in mayonnaise, lemon, sea salt, and black pepper. Served on a buttery toasted brioche bun and finished with a pinch of chives.


$50 Dollar Lobster Roll

The ultimate seafood lovers roll. Poseidon himself dredged this recipe up from the depths of Davey Jones locker to bestow upon us mere land mortals. Buttery toasted squid ink brioche, fresh Maine lobster, Sterling sturgeon caviar, Santa Barbara uni and a heaping portion of shaved black truffles. Praise be.


Sea Urchin

Freshly cracked and cleaned right before your eyes. The freshest way to enjoy the ocean’s best-kept secret. The buttery, rich strips of uni within are the foie gras of the sea.



Simply the finest oysters our oceans have to offer served as fresh as possible. Crisp, bright and briny with a sweet finish

Crab Legs.jpg

Crab Fat

A seafood counter classic. The whole cooked Dungeness crab is cracked open to reveal the unctuous crab fat housed within the head. The flavor is unmatched buttery crab umami. A freshly toasted slice of sourdough bread to pair makes this one of the most delicious bites from the sea.

Crab Legs.jpg

Crab Legs

No frills here. Freshly cooked, cracked crab legs and claws warmed in butter and tossed in Old Bay seasoning. If it ain’t broke...